What is ARBO?

“Arbo” is an abbreviation of the word “arbeidsomstandigheden” in English; working conditions. These are the circumstances under which employees perform their duties. Employees can only function properly and efficiently by working under the right labor conditions. This reduces the chance from falling out due to an illness or an accident on the job. Working conditions is therefore closely related to good employment practices - care for the employee. It also contributes to good entrepreneurship, because by preventing disease you keep the costs low and production high.

What is the Working Conditions Act also knows as the “ARBOWET”?

The ARBOWET stipulates that an employer is obliged to draw up a policy on the labor conditions for the employees. Medwork Caribbean N.V. in Aruba has the expertise to serve the employer in setting up and implementing a Labor Conditions and Absenteeism Policy.

Medwork Caribbean N.V. in Aruba is a certified occupational health and safety company. Medwork Aruba advises on labor conditions, assists you with absenteeism and reintegration of the employee, but also provides guidance on specific medical and/or labor examinations, among other things. This way, absenteeism due to illness remains manageable and employees return to work as soon as possible.