What is Sick Leave Management?

Sick leave Management is the management of absenteeism in the work place so your business can always perform at the highest level.

The team of experts at the certified occupational health and safety company, Medwork Caribbean N.V. in Aruba, is there to assist you with knowledge, experience and vision; they understand the troubles you might face while trying to run your business and are ready to offer solutions that work for you.

Knowing whether a sick person should stay at home, or can be considered (partially) fit for work, requires the expertise of a physician specialized in the field of Occupational Health.

As an employer you are confronted with staff members calling in sick almost on a daily basis. It is normal for people to get sick of course. Our business is preventing your organization from suffering too much from the consequences of absenteeism due to illness (both on a financial level as well as an organizational level).

How does it work?

Medwork Aruba’s approach will reduce your absenteeism numbers, without compromising the labor relationship between the employer and employee.

  • In our approach we confront, but also counsel the absentee in order to reduce the duration of absenteeism to a minimum and in doing so limiting the costs to the company.
  • Our guidance in cases of sickness absenteeism it targeted to explore possible links between absenteeism and circumstances in the workplace and reporting to the management thereon.

Procedures are key

Have clear policies and procedures regarding work absence. Employees should know who to contact, how contact should be made (for example, whether text messaging, emailing or calling is appropriate) and when notification of absence must be made (Example. HR and or Medwork, by 7.30am on the day of absence). There should also be clarity regarding requirements for medical certificates and methods for dealing with habitual absenteeism. Fairness and consistency are important.  Who will evaluate the claim for absenteeism and who can enforce by applying sanctions if an employee does not comply with company procedures?

Absenteeism procedures and working agreements provide a clear understanding to all parties about what are the absentees’ rights and responsibilities.